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Submissions are Open for models , actresses and  photographers


Please be aware of what your interests are and what audience you are hoping to reach.

We accept:

  • Glamour

  • Fitness (Universe 137 magazine fitness edition)

  • Lingerie

  • Swimwear

  • Fashion

  • Tattoo Models (alternative Special Edition Only)

  • Automotive (Hot Models & Fast Cars)

  • Implieds



For magazines and web promo we need at least 15 for each type (or the  quantity u have (6 minimun).And to be promoted in the web chicas universe 137 studios we need 6 photos .We need the release of the photographs that you send.No logos or watermarks are accepted (we give full credit to the photographers during publication). Resolution photos between 240-300 dpi and at least 1.5 MB. You must own the rights to publish the photos you are submitting , we will hold you liable if you submit any photos without gaining proper consent. Along with the photos, we also require the model's name, city, state, measurements, photographer, HMUA, booking info, and a brief bio (50-100 words). All information submitted must be proofread and reviewed for accuracy. Once photos have been submitted you are granting full publication rights of these photos for Online and Printed Distribution.

The Photos are non-exclusive to us so can still be used by the models and photographers in other places.

All submissions should be sent to . We will approve/disapprove  the photos … if we approve  will respond back to you with the date you will appear in one of our publications

Submissions are Open for models , actresses and  photographers

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